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What is an overlay accessibility widget?

An overlay accessibility widget is a feature that can be added to a website to help make it more accessible to people with disabilities. The widget typically appears as a button or icon on the website, and when clicked, it opens a menu of options that allow users to customize the website to better meet their accessibility needs.

Overlay accessibility widgets are designed to help users with disabilities access websites more easily. They can be particularly useful for users with visual impairments, as they allow users to adjust the text size, font, and background color of the website to make it more legible. Overlay accessibility widgets may also be useful for users with mobility impairments, as they can enable or disable animation or other effects that may make the website more difficult to navigate.

Overlay accessibility widgets are typically easy to use and do not require any special software or technical knowledge. Users can simply click on the widget to access the menu of options, and then choose the options that best meet their needs. The changes made through the widget are typically saved, so that users do not have to adjust the settings each time they visit the website.

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