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Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of products that can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. With our tools, you can easily find new leads, send targeted emails, increase your online reviews, create chatbots for your website, and much more. 


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A Suite Of Marketing And Lead Generation Products

A Suite Of Marketing And Lead Generation Products

Our package includes multiple lead generation tools that you can use to grow your company.

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Get More Leads And Customers Faster

Get More Leads And Customers Faster

Our tools are geared to drive new leads and customers to your company to make it grow.

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Unlimited Access To All Of Our High Quality Products

Unlimited Access To All Of Our High Quality Products

We offer Unlimited access to all the software we have without limits. Never pay per lead again!

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What is included in the software suite?

With FULL ACCESS, you can use one or all of these powerful tools to get unlimited leads

Unlimited leads for you and your team

Get leads from mulitple data sources

Send emails to drive more sales and revenue

Suite of lead generation software tools

The Perfect Toolkit To Get More Leads

It’s very simple to use the software suite. Just register and try the trial for each product. With the Pro plan you will get Unlimited access to the platform and all the products we offer without any limits.

100% Online

100% Online

Use the entire suite of software products online with unlimited access.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Our products are designed to help you grow your business by generating more leads and sales.



Our suite covers the most crucial aspects of the lead generation process such as emailing, chatbot and data enrichment.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users

Add your teammates and associates to work together and multiply your efforts.

The best marketing suite with Unlimited access!

From finding emails, enriching your data, sending emails, installing a chatbot or a social proof widget, we offer you multiple software to generate leads and help you grow your business.


Enrichment Data Software To Find New Leads (Emails)

Our lead generation software is designed to help you find leads from a list of companies or domains. Whether you’re a B2B company, sales team, or growth hacker, our software makes it easy to find leads and prospect them through cold email. With our software, you can add your own data and enrich it by appending new business data points from a list of companies.

We’ll provide you with all the employee and company information we have on file. And with our Pro plan, you can access unlimited enriched data and use it to benefit your own business or resell to your customers.

Data Enrichment Software

Email, Phone & Social Media Extractor From A List Of Websites

Our email extraction software allows you to quickly and easily find emails, phone numbers, and social media URLs from a list of websites or domains. Simply upload a list of domains and our software will crawl each website, extracting all relevant information from every page. Once the extraction is complete, you can download a comprehensive report in Excel format, which includes all emails, phone numbers, and social media URLs found during the crawl.

The Pro plan offers unlimited email extractions, phone numbers and social media URLs. With this plan, you can generate as many reports as you want and extract emails from an unlimited number of domains. The software is easy to use, with fast extraction and instant download capabilities.

Email Extractor software

Extract B2B Emails From B2B Social Media And Build Targeted Lists

Our advanced email extraction system allows you to find new leads in one click by searching for specific criteria such as job title, location, country, industry, and company size. Our system integrates with multiple B2B social media platforms, giving you access to millions of potential leads.

With the help of our search builder, you can easily filter through the vast amount of data and extract only the relevant contacts that align with your target audience. Once you have found your desired leads, you can export them to Excel for further analysis and outreach.

We understand that data can be unreliable, which is why we have formed data partnerships with almost every data provider. This allows us to offer great pricing and build lists using multiple data partners to build the most complete lists possible.

Our system not only helps you to find new leads, but also validate, clean, and enhance all of your existing account and contact data. This ensures that you have the most accurate and complete data possible, which will ultimately increase your chances of making more sales for your business.

Additionally, you can also create targeted lists based on your specific needs, and use those lists to reach out to potential customers with personalized messages. This will increase your chances of converting leads into customers. Overall, our email extraction system is a powerful tool that can help you to find new leads, increase your sales and grow your business.

B2B leads

Sales Sequence (Cadence) / Newsletter Campaigns With Unlimited Emails To Send

Our software is a powerful tool for creating and managing email campaigns. Whether you’re looking to send newsletters to your existing customers, or reach out to new prospects with cold emails, our system has got you covered.

With our software, you can easily connect your own SMTP provider to send emails, and IMAP to track sent, opened, clicked, bounce, unsubscribes, and replies from each campaign, so you can see which one performs the best.

Our simple online editor makes it easy to design beautiful and engaging newsletters or simple cold emails. You can use plain text or HTML to create your campaigns and give your customers the power to do emailing campaigns at scale with high volume.

With our software, you can create as many campaigns as you want and import unlimited contacts, so you can reach a wide audience and generate new leads.

Our software is very easy to use, making it perfect for businesses of any size. Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, our system has everything you need to drive traffic to your website, follow up with customers, and generate new leads. With our software, you can easily connect with your audience and grow your business.

Email campaigns

Chatbot Solution To Capture And Convert Visitors Into Leads

Our chatbot software allows you to easily convert your website visitors into leads by capturing their information through automated chats. The chatbot can be installed on your website with just a few clicks and can be customized to fit your business needs. You can capture data from visitors and have it sent by email, SMS, or directly to a Slack channel.

Our software is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to create an infinite number of scenarios to capture data, ask questions, and get reviews from your visitors. You can customize the color, avatar, text, and layout of the chatbot to match your brand, and it works for all types of businesses, from SAAS to restaurants and agencies.

With the chatbot editor, you have the freedom to add as many steps as you want to capture the data you need. 

Chatbot software

Online Review Management To Get More Online Reviews

Our widget is a simple and effective solution for businesses and local businesses looking to increase their customer reviews. With just one click, you can install the widget on your website, and it will encourage your visitors to leave a review about your business. Our widget works seamlessly with Google, Yelp, and Facebook, which means you can get reviews on all the major review platforms. This technology is designed to increase real organic reviews by driving visitors to the review page.

The widget will show a popup to your visitors, asking them to leave a review about your business. This is a gentle nudge that can help you get more reviews, and more notoriety for your business. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to be noticed by potential customers who are searching for businesses like yours.

By generating more organic reviews, you will also rank higher in search engines, which can attract even more customers to your business. And, if you receive a negative review, you will receive it directly in your dashboard with the email of the customer, so you can follow up and make things right. With our widget, you can improve your online reputation, attract more customers, and grow your business.

Review Management

Social Proof Notification Widget To Increase Credibility On Your Website

Our widget is the perfect solution for any business looking to increase sales and credibility on their website. By installing the widget in just one click, you can easily generate and display notifications that are tailored to your specific needs. You can customize the notifications, the content, and the timing between each message, all with a simple macro system. Additionally, you can even include the city of your visitors in the notification for added credibility.

Our widget is designed to increase conversions by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on your website. It has been proven to increase sales by up to 40% by adding a social proof widget on your website.

With complete control over colors, timing, display rules, localization, images, and text, you can easily track and analyze data such as impressions, clicks, hovers, leads, engaged visitors, engagement rates, and much more.

With the widget, you can customize the look and feel of the notifications to match your brand, and set display rules to only show notifications to specific visitors or pages.

It also supports localization, so you can display notifications in different languages based on the visitor’s location. And with the ability to add images and text, you can make the notifications more visually appealing and engaging.

Additionally, the widget automatically collects data on impressions, clicks, hovers, leads, engaged visitors, and engagement rates, giving you valuable insights into how your visitors are interacting with the notifications. With this data, you can optimize the timing, content, and placement of the notifications to maximize their effectiveness.

Social Proof software

Find Emails From First Name, Last Name And Company Name

Our email discovery tool allows you to easily find emails from a list of business data by uploading a CSV containing first name, last name, and company name (or domain). The tool uses a unique email format algorithm to rebuild the email based on the information provided. With millions of email formats in our database, this software is perfect for discovering emails from a list of business data. Simply upload your file online and receive an Excel file of emails.

You can download the list of leads in one click and use the Excel file for prospecting directly on the emails found. The software is easy to use and offers fast extraction and instant download capabilities.

Find company emails

API To Prevent Fake Emails Registration On Your Service

Our API is designed to help you prevent fake or disposable email registrations on your service. Each time someone registers, you can simply ping our API to verify if the email is correct and not a disposable email. With the Pro plan, you get unlimited API requests, making it easy to validate all of your registrations.

Connecting and requesting the API is simple, you can use GET method to request it. This will help you to reduce and block robots, and fake customers from registering on your service. By verifying emails, you can ensure that you’re only focusing on real customers who are truly interested in your product or service.

The API can detect if the email is a generic email, such as @gmail.com, or a business email, like @company.com. This can provide additional insight into the type of customer you’re dealing with. Additionally, you can add your own list of disposable domains or a custom domain to block registration from it. This will help you to prevent any unwanted registrations.

Our database of disposable emails is updated daily, which means we will keep you up-to-date about new disposable email providers. This ensures that you’re always protected against the latest threats and that you can maintain a high level of security for your service.

Stop fake emails

Daily Registered Domains With Leads Information

Our daily domain dump service provides you with an up-to-date list of all new companies created on the internet, with an average of 100,000 new leads each day. The data includes information such as location, phone numbers, emails, domains, registered date, and more. This is perfect for businesses that want to capture new companies created on the internet and generate new leads by selling SEO, marketing services, WordPress websites, development, or content creation, etc.

Each row of the data contains information about the owner of the domain, including their personal and business email (if it’s public). Phone numbers, including landline and cell-phone, are also included in the data so you can prospect the owners of the new domains created. The leads are opt-in due to their public information collected while they registered their domain.

Daily domains


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  • Find emails from first name, last name and company name
  • 200 Find emails from first name / last name
  • 50 Find single contact email
  • Chatbot solution to capture and convert visitors into leads
  • 1 Active chatbots
  • 20 Leads collected
  • Daily registered domains with leads information
  • 5 Downloads files
  • Online review management to get more online reviews
  • 1 Active widgets
  • Sales sequence (cadence) / newsletter campaigns with unlimited emails to send
  • 3,000 Emails to send
  • 1 Senders to connect
  • 1 Active campaigns
  • 1,000 Contacts
  • API to prevent fake emails registration on your service
  • 200 Number of requests
  • Social proof notification widget to increase credibility
  • 1 website
  • 50 notifications
  • Extract B2B emails from B2B social media and build targeted lists
  • 300 B2B contacts extracted
  • 200 B2B visits & requests
  • 3 Shortcuts messages
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What does the package include?

When you buy the Pro Plan, you will get full access to all of the web apps in our suite with no limitations.

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If you need support, we act quickly to find out what is going on. Depending on the case it could take more or less time, however a standard time is generally within a 24 hours.

How can I cancel my subscription?

At any time you can login to your dashboard and pause your subscription. You can also delete your credit card and cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you provide invoices?

Yes! Invoices are automatically created once you upgrade to the Pro Plan and each month when your subscription renews automatically.

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Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value to users, we can include it as a part of the product. Please note it could take some time in order for the feature to be implemented.

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