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Amazon’s Commitment to Accessibility After ADA Lawsuit Settlement

In 2018, Amazon was sued by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for their website and mobile app’s failure to provide adequate access to people with hearing and vision impairments. The lawsuit claimed that Amazon’s website and app were not compatible with screen-reading software, making it difficult for the visually impaired to navigate and complete transactions. As a result of the lawsuit, Amazon agreed to improve its website and app accessibility and make them more user-friendly for people with disabilities. The settlement agreement also required Amazon to pay an undisclosed amount to the NAD and other plaintiffs.

In 2019, Amazon was sued by a blind customer named Steven Tyler for not having an ADA-compliant website. Tyler claimed that he was unable to use the website’s features, including its search bar, because of his screen reader’s incompatibility with Amazon’s website. The lawsuit argued that the website was a place of public accommodation and therefore subject to the ADA’s accessibility requirements.

Amazon initially argued that the ADA did not apply to its website since it was not a physical store. However, in 2021, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ADA did indeed apply to the website, setting a precedent for future cases.

Amazon settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount and agreed to improve its website’s accessibility features. The company also committed to hiring a dedicated accessibility team and conducting regular accessibility audits.

The settlement and commitment to accessibility not only helped Amazon avoid further legal issues, but it also improved the experience for disabled customers. Amazon’s commitment to accessibility has shown its dedication to creating a more inclusive online space for all users.

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